Job Opening: President and CEO, New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce

Allie Hancock

Oct 26 2021

Job Description

Due to a recent promotion, the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking a new President/CEO. Work collaboratively with a business community that cares and is investing in the future. Are you ready to collaborate to solve real world problems? Ready to execute the needs of the business community? Apply today. A new career awaits you!

• College degree
• Chamber of Commerce or association executive experience preferred
• Excellent oral and written communication skills, computer skills and organizational skills
• Ability to motivate and manage staff and volunteers
• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and respond to organizational needs in prompt and timely fashion

Duties and Responsibilities:

Membership Maintenance
• Directs all membership solicitation efforts of the organization, including solicitation of new members and the maintenance of current memberships in conjunction with the Willkommen Committee.
• Maintains open communication and connection with all members.
• Prepares and assists in preparing membership solicitation letters to prospects, along with other material pertinent to membership building.
• Directs preparation of prospect lists for membership solicitations.
• Directs follow-up or contact of all delinquent members for renewal of membership.
• Focus on recruitment and retention.
Member and Public Relations
• Responsible for all communication to the membership and general public per the wishes of the Board of Directors.
• Maintain personal contact with members by addressing concerns and providing support to existing members.
• Always convey the Chamber in a positive way both personally and professionally in light of the public scrutiny of the position. This includes, but is not limited to, media interviews in print, television or radio.
• Will always consider the best interests of the Chamber of Commerce in both personal and professional settings.
Record Keeping
• Oversees the management of proper financial records for members, including proper billing, recording of dues, and classification.
• Direct maintenance of all current membership files and maintenance of master prospect card files.
• Prepares and maintains reports concerning membership and finance for officers and directors.
• Handles all correspondence to members regarding membership status or change in status in reference to dues, assignees, due dates, or other membership information.
Personnel (Staff)
• Has general responsibility for solution of all personnel problems.
• Employs needed personnel.
• Conducts regular staff conferences to help each staff member understand the job assignment and the work of the entire organization.
• Counsels with individual staff members.
• Responsible for a high level of staff morale.
• Provides professional development and growth opportunities for staff members.
• Major problems are discussed with the Board of Director’s Executive Committee.
• Supervises or delegates supervision and management of all committees, including scheduling meetings and preparing notices and reports.
• Assists the Board Chair or responsible officer in selecting qualified personnel for committee work.
• Directs processing of appointments to committees.
• Directs or organizes specific motivation of volunteer leadership to follow through.
• In consultation with the Board of directors (and the Executive Committee) plans long-range policies for achievement of important community goals.
• Reviews proposals for policy changes originating in committee or elsewhere.
• Places proposals on agenda for board action (with recommendation).
• Upon approval of proposal, works with staff and/or committees for implementation of policies. 8. Finance.
• Management of organization’s finances is general responsibility.
• Directs preparation of the annual budget in conjunction with the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee.
• Develops general plans for meeting the budget.
• Submits budget for approval of the Board of Directors; approves all specific expenditures coming under the budget adopted by the Board.
• Adjusts staff salaries within prescribed brackets; directs office maintenance, including replacement of equipment, and directs purchase of additional equipment.
• Directs preparation of financial statement on monthly or quarterly basis for Board of Directors as prescribed by bylaws.
• Signs or countersigns checks in accordance with bylaws.
All Other Duties As Assigned
• From time to time, other duties and responsibilities may arise.

Compensation & Benefits

  • 2 Weeks PTO upon hire date, additional PTO owned through years of service.
  • Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm; including occasional nights and weekends for events.
  • 8 Total Paid Holidays
  • Cell Phone Stipend
  • Mileage Reimbursement during Chamber Functions
  • Retirement 3% Matching
  • Wage Range: $65,000-$70,000 depending on qualifications.

All interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to The application period will close on November 12, 2021 at 5pm.