Board and Committee Meeting Articles by Bob Harris – April, 2021

After the Retreat – Roles

Governance Changes in a Pandemic

Invite Elmo to your Meetings

The Pressure to Adjourn

Link the Strategic Plan to the Budget

Better Meetings Board and Committees

Board Orientation Workbook Jan 2021

Committee Linkage to the Strategic Plan – Bob Harris

Committee Linkage to the Strategic Plan

Bob Harris, CAE

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This article links the committee assignments to the strategic plan.

Bob Harris: Virtual Planning and On-Line Board Orientation

Boards are restless to prepare for 2021.    Emphasis should be on rebound and recovery for chamber and business.


Board orientation (on-line) and strategic planning (virtual) should be underway.  Both articles include  links to free resources:  1)  Board Orientation Workbook (20 pgs.) and 2) Strategic Planning Guide (2 pgs.)


On-Line Orientation 10-20

Virtual Strategic Planning 10-16-20

Prelude to a Board Meeting, Bob Harris

Prelude to a Board Meeting 9-20

Ideas to improve the meeting preparation by directors.

Bob Harris, CAE

Who Invited Micromanagement? Bob Harris, CAE

Who Invited Micromanagement 9-20
Bob Harris, CAE

Identify Board Skills and Interests: Julie Taylor, CAE and Bob Harris, CAE

Identifying Board Skills and Interests 8-20
Julie Taylor, CAE and Bob Harris, CAE

What props do you use on the board table? Bob Harris

Bob Harris – How to waste a good board meeting

How to Waste a Good Board Meeting 7-20

Bob Harris, CAE

Bob Harris – Build a Smart Agenda

Build a Smart Agenda 7-20

Bob Harris, CAE

Wasting Hours on Minutes, Bob Harris, CAE

The directors griped, “We start the meeting with the first order of business being approval of the previous minutes. An hour is wasted talking about what we did at the last meeting and whether the information is accurate.”

Losing the first hour of a board meeting is deflating. The directors arrive enthusiastic about achieving results. Instead, their eyes roll when they hear, “I don’t think that’s what I said in the minutes.”

“Time is a resource that in some cases has more value than gold. Time stolen is not given back and should be managed with care. I am a believer of crafting of minutes closely aligned with the meeting agenda,” explains Michael Jackson, BPharm, EVP and CEO, Florida Pharmacy Association.

Steps to prevent this time waster at board meetings.

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