Dr. Kohls MCCE Roundtable – Emotional Health and Resilience

Slides – Emotional Health and Resilience

Recording:  https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/ERgTdiudjIT8PSs-lY3PY1XZqHb9DkjH-44ng8OdsQLiMsJeGyckrCi5lKv3fecD.ztypjzfd2GATKfr3

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Working Remotely Policy and Procedures

Willmar Lakes Area Chamber Working Remotely Policy & Procedures

25 Teambuilding Activities for a Remote Workforce

25 Teambuilding Activities for a Remote Workforce

Staff and Board Leadership Training Webinar


Diversity and Inclusion

Building capacity to lead inclusion work –

Joan Sargent, J S Intercultural Coaching and Consulting

Kevin Skwira-Brown MSW, LGSW, Cultural Fluency Associates LLP

Employee Handbook

Alexandria Area Chamber of Commerce Employee Handbook

Staff Job Descriptions

President Job Description

Policy and Procedure Manual

Official Action-on-Issue Process

Staff Reviews and Feedback

Employee Self Review

Staff 360 Survey of President

How To Hire

2018 Hiring Guide